This is what our families say...

Both of my boys went through Portobelo Avonhead and loved it, and I enjoyed the centre so much I ended up an ECE teacher!

We looked at so many others before choosing Portobelo Kaiapoi. Jo, Centre Leader, was so supportive. We are grandparents raising our two boys and from where they came from to now is truly amazing, and I put it down to your supportive team.

I made some visits to several nurseries and Portobelo Avonhead had the most warm and welcoming atmosphere. I liked the true 'home away from home' setting. Also this was the only preschool where children took their shoes off in the nursery. I think it's crucial to do that when you still have babies crawling on the floor.

When we first visited the Portobelo Avonhead nursery we felt so welcomed. The cultural aspect and the outdoor play we loved. It felt homely, safe and enjoyable.

I chose Portobelo Kaiapoi preschool for my son and then became part of the Portobelo family myself. But aside from that I loved the relationships kaiako have with family. I also love the big outdoor spaces, the fact that you do excursions and when you used to do Masterminds, it was something I wanted for my children. That opportunity to feel special as a ‘big kid’ before they went to school.

I like the homely feel Portobelo Avonhead has to it. The teachers are also passionate about what they do and you can tell this by the interactions they have with parents and the children.

I chose Portobelo because of its environment. The place looks nice, with lots of natural things. Great hours, flexibility. Privately owned with long running staff and an excellent ERO rating.

Portobelo Kaiapoi preschool is like her 2nd family and home. She is so familiar with her teachers and friends, the routine of the day and loves to go there. She is proud of her preschool too and talks so lovingly about it to her family. She loves to share her artwork or tell us about her day. A lot of "Did you know, at preschool we...." conversations.