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Testimonials 2020

I chose Portobelo because of its environment. The place looks nice, with lots of natural things. Also, its great hours, flexibility, that it's privately owned, long running staff, and its ERO rating.

My son has responded amazingly to the 'backyard' feel of the playground - he's a hands on kid and I feel this is fostered at Portobelo.

We looked at so many before choosing Portobelo, I think it was, just pop in anytime, way back then, as now Jo was so supportive. We are grandparents raising our two boys and from where they came from to now is truly amazing, and I put it down to our very supportive team.

I feel listened to and valued as a parent. Any concerns raised are responded to appropriately and in a timely manner.

Great learning opportunities, more 'natural' than other centres, great relationships of staff with children.

About Kaiapoi Preschool

We are located in a quiet residential street in Kaiapoi, well away from the industrial area and motorway. Our adjacent nursery is able to be accessed either by walking through our walkway, or from a separate street address.

The preschool was once a private house, on a large section, which has been adapted to meet the needs of our preschool. Indoors we have a number of cosy inviting areas thoughtfully set up by teachers each day, that encourage children to engage in sustained creative play. We also have a separate café area where the children eat together and take part in larger group activities. We have a wide range of ever-changing resources that invite cooperation and joint work on projects of various natures and sizes. Children learn about respect, responsibility and community, while developing friendship skills, creativity, problem solving, along with literacy and numeracy. For our older children, we have a specially designed ‘Ready for School’ programme, which ensures each child is well set up for success when they enter formal schooling.

The outdoor area is a large natural space, with fruit trees, decking, edible gardens, swings and a slide, a playhouse, and plenty of space for exploration and activities. Every day the children use this space for swinging, digging, running, climbing, playing ball games, riding their bikes and tending our gardens. They learn about challenge and risk, problem-solving, working with others, perseverance, and responsibility for the environment, while making discoveries in this rich environment.

We love getting out and about in our local community, and there are local parks, a primary school, the Community Garden, a rest home, shops and a library for us to walk to regularly.

Please phone to arrange a visit to see how special Portobelo Kaiapoi Preschool is, and what we have to offer you and your child. We will be happy to show you around and discuss your child’s particular interests and strengths, and your wishes and hopes for their learning and care in our centre.

About Kaiapoi Nursery

Specialising in individualised and responsive care for infants and children from 0 to 3 years old, Portobelo Kaiapoi Nursery opened in February 2010. Originally a private residence, it has been extensively remodelled to suit the needs of our youngest children. We are tucked away on a quiet residential street, with our outdoor play areas at the back and well away from the street. Here there are trees, grass, swings, a sandpit and mudkitchen, gardens and decking, with spaces designed to encourage children's curiosity and exploration of their natural environment at their own pace. Our babies and toddlers can also see through the fence into the Preschool children’s playground, allowing for connections and interaction with their siblings as a natural part of their day.

Our indoor areas include underfloor heating (especially nice for the babies over winter time), lots of play nooks within a large space, and separate café, art room, and sleep rooms. Both indoor and outdoor environments are freshly set up several times each day by teachers, to have lots of interesting and inviting play spaces with resources that encourage children to explore deeply, all with a natural feel.

We understand how special your child is and we will work hard to ensure the settling in process takes account of what’s important to you and your whanau. We offer free orientation visits for you and your child so that relationships can be built between us all. To ensure we get to know each child and family well, and can meet each child’s individual preferences and needs, we work to ratios of 1 adult to 3 babies (under 12 months) and 1 adult to 4 toddlers (12 months and over).

When it is time to move “over the fence” to the Preschool, we will work with you to put in place an individual transition plan to ensure your child has plenty of time to become familiar with the new environment and teachers. We take our lead from the child as to how best to pace this.

Please phone to arrange a visit to see how special Portobelo Kaiapoi Nursery is, and what we have to offer you and your child. We will be happy to show you around and discuss your child’s particular interests and strengths, and your wishes and hopes for their learning and care in our centre.

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