This is what our families say...

Jed's mum says
Jed's teachers always seem so positive, friendly and welcoming to Jed, myself and daughter Zoe. Jed absolutely loves preschool and never wants to leave! He has a very strong sense of belonging there.

Lily's mum says
I feel respected when the learning needs for Lily are discussed. I loved how we could work as a team there and at home to support Lily's learning.

Sophie's mum says
I like that there is some structure to the day but also plenty of free play. Not afraid to let the kids get dirty and be kids! There are always a lot of different things out each day for the children to explore, play with and create. Staff interact with the children in a kind and positive manner.

Mia's mum says
Communication is fantastic, I always know what's going on and how Mia’s days been. When we came to visit the vibe was amazing, staff were friendly, just got a really good feel and felt like it was the right fit for Mia.

Elias's and Erza's mum says
I love that they encourage kids to explore nature and adventure, especially with the encouragement of climbing trees.

Amber's mum says
The staff did an amazing job preparing Amber for school. I was quite concerned about Amber being able to cope at school but they really helped Amber in the areas that she was struggling with.

Riley's mum says
The teaching team have all become like extra members of our family. Riley tells me so many new and wonderful things that he has learnt at Portobelo. It's great.

Samuel's mum says
My son has been going to Portobelo Kaiapoi since he was 1...I fully believe best preschool in Kaiapoi :)